Since our foundation; our most important principle has always been “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION”.

We are well aware of the fact that quality is the most important criteria for customer satisfaction. Therefore each inquiry is treated with high attention by us. Our definition of ‘’Quality’’ is to give our customers the best solutions and alternatives with the best price in the shortest time, delivering the products on time, supporting our customers by the help of our talented design team and excellent quality of the product itself.

Teamwork and alignment between our departments has always been the most important factor that lead us to success.

To set out the continuance of our quality; we neatly regularized our quality controls with our team who are compromised on quality control subject. We are executing quality controls in each stage of our production according to the international Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL 1.0) and according to the special needs of our customers.

As an organisation we implemented Quality Management System and we are ISO-9001:2008 certificated.